Recently there has been an increasing amount of noise online regarding the Government's aim to ban wet-wipes in the next 25 years. The reason behind this Government initiative is because wet-wipes can cause damage to our marine environment if they enter the waterways (i.e. flushing them down the loo). 

Anyone who has experienced a baby poonami or a child covered in their dinner (aka baby-led weaning) knows how useful wet-wipes are, so talk of this ban has sent parents into a bit of a panic. 

I decided to delve a little more into this by looking at website of The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (the people who are behind the wet-wipe ban). They say they are planning to work with manufacturers to understand which types of wet-wipes cause blockages and how to improve labelling to make it clear what can and cannot be flushed. This feeds into the wider goal of trying to reduce the amount of plastic being used (hence carrier bag charges) and encourage manufacturers to produce more eco-friendly, recyclable products.

One manufacturer of eco-friendly wet-wipes is Childs Farm. Their range of wet-wipes are biodegradable and come in 100% recyclable packaging so you can have the convenience of wet-wipes without causing damage to the environment. 

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