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About Molly Mojo
The way in which we intend to do this is by giving
from our Family to yours; in time, research and
hard work.

We are an online store and The Purveyors of Mothers Magic, but with so much
more to offer you, we have personality and plenty of it.

We hope your experience with us is everything you hoped for and more.  Molly respects everyone and believes everyone has a talent and something wonderful
about themselves. Molly wants to make parents’ lives easier by adding a little Mojo to everything parents do.

Mollymojo makes life simpler, easier and sprinkles it with a little magic dust. It can be through helpful advice to smooth customer service.  Molly enjoys
everything she does and does it with a bounce in her step.

Molly’s green too and is on her own little No Waste Crusade where we sell products with short expiry dates (not less than 12 weeks) from just 10p. You can sign
up to hear when we have new ones on this page. You can also sign up for our newsletter for more parenting tips and news from our blog.

You can also get to know Molly more on our Facebook page, if you prefer images then why not join us on Instagram, or, if you’re an on-the-go parent why not




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