Molly Mojo Affiliate Programme

Molly Mojo Affiliate Programme

Molly Mojo offers innovative, fun & indulgent health care products for the whole family as well as everyday essentials. Our tagline is ‘From our family to yours’ as Molly Mojo is run by parents for parents. We have excellent ratings on Google, and Trust Pilot, due to our exceptional customer service and easy to use website. Along with great customer reviews, we have a significantly higher than industry average conversion rate and cart abandonment rate, as well as our excellent average order value.

We have launched the Molly Mojo affiliate program in order to offer businesses an opportunity to partner in our success, by offering commission for sales made on our website. We welcome affiliates who have a similar target audience to us - a high percentage of ABC1 pregnant women and parents of young children.

We run promotions throughout the year, such as discounts on best-selling products and free delivery, and we update our banners to reflect these. This is to ensure you have the best opportunity to earn commission and keep your site up-to-date with the latest offers.


Benefits of Joining the Molly Mojo Affiliate Program

  • It’s free to join
  • Earn up to 12% commission
  • 30 day cookie window
  • A fully automated product feed that is updated daily
  • Banners updated inline with promotions
  • Possibility to get exclusive voucher codes


Molly Mojo manually reviews all partners asking to join our program to ensure your content is appropriate and that your business is a good fit. We will reject any site which we do not feel is suitable and we do not need to provide reasons for this decision. We are encouraging applications from businesses based in the UK and Denmark, or with strong traffic from these locations. Our core criteria are:

  • A fully functioning website, with high quality design
  • User friendly
  • Search engine friendly (No black hat SEO)
  • Free from offensive or inappropriate content

Molly Mojo PPC Policy

PPC Policy closed: Molly Mojo brand name bidding is not permitted on this program.  Affiliates are not allowed to use any display URL that contains or You should not link directly to the Molly Mojo website, or use a URL redirect to take the customer directly to the Molly Mojo website from a PPC advert.

Some of our brands have trademarked their brand names with Google.


  • Commission 0 sales = 5%
  • commission 10 sales = 8%
  • Commission 20 sales = 12%
  • Cashback = 3%