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Hi, I'm Relton

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Child's name:

Johnny (John)

Child's DOB:

November 2015

Child's Star Sign: 


Proudest dad moment:

Everyday. I see how happy he is and I see how loving mummy is and I feel damn special.

Toughest dad moment:

Johnny touched the oven when it was hot, very hot. He cried but didn’t remove his hand because he didn’t know.  How vulnerable he looked at that moment. I grabbed him and ran his hand under cold water for over 20mins and it healed soon enough but we felt awful. There’s little you can do, and something similar will happen again we’re certain of it. I think the turn of phrase is parents need ‘eyes in the back of your head’!

What I wish I'd been told before having a child:

For me, it’s not about what I wish I was told, more what I wish I had listened too! Don’t get me wrong…I did listen but the extent of the ‘lack of sleep’, or the number of nappy changes in an hour, morning or day didn’t quite compute until you’re in ‘the thick of it’. But then again, nothing can really prepare you for that.

Likes (other than my child!):

  • Snowboarding 
  • Hockey
  • Sunday Roast Dinner and a pint after a nice walk with my wife and son 



Favourite Molly Mojo products & why:

I’m torn, there’s loads, but the brands I really like are Argital and Childs Farm.

Argital Skincare Products


Argital does not have particularly attractive packaging but the contents are remarkable. They’re completely natural and ethically sound and when I use them on my son I know they’re of the highest quality. 


Childs Farm Baby Products


Childs Farm is another lovely brand, full of innovation and fun.  



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